10 Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Felton (but should)


1. Tom’s first films were The Borrowers and the Anna and the King.
2. His break out role came with the Harry Potter films where he plays an evil student. He doesn’t like when people thinks he’s the same in the life: He’s a gentleman!!
3. Tom has a girlfriend, Jade Gordon. They have been together over 16 months.
4. About finding love: “I was afraid that I wouldn’t get a girlfriend because I play a bad, evil guy. I thought I wouldn’t have a chance, but fortunately, I was wrong.”
5. He is a hip-hop fan.
6. He was playing football (soccer version) in Soccer Aid 2008. He was on the English team.
7. He loves fishing!
8. He had a chinchilla when he was young.
9. It seems he can’t break with dark films. He has done two other films even darker than Harry Potter: The Disappeared and 13 Hrs.
10. He hadn’t read any HP book before he went to the film’s casting.

*Ну, то, что мы их не знали, конечно, утверждение весьма сомнительное, но всё же. Вдруг кто-то и правда не знал))

@темы: статьи

2009-09-05 в 12:38 

Роман. Мужчина всей твоей жизни
Я про Хип-Хоп не знал

2009-09-05 в 23:46 

Qele, qele
5. He is a hip-hop fan.
А не танцует, не? Тада не интересно)

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